Online Academy

Online teaching platform with the most practical methods and the best assistance for our students.

We offer English and German language lessons with Albanian teachers wherever you are.

Our timetables are flexible and adjusted with our student requests. Our programme is well-structured and helps you learn step by step, making the lesson easier and more effective.

Our teaching is adjusted with our learners’ styles, choice of method and materials they work with. We offer personalized one to one or group learning based on students’ levels.

Well-prepared staff with experiences of teaching in European countries and worldwide.

Staff training every month in order of adapting the latest technological and educative advancements.

Our assistance staff helps our students with materials and information they need while our teachers help them with the language they choose to learn.


Years of experience
Students worldwide
Online Academy
Teaching hours
  • Monday - Saturday
  • Sunday

"Tish Daija" Street, Kika II Buildings, Entrance No. 2,
Tirana, Albania