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In this web page you will be required to give personal information voluntarily.This web page doesn’t collect personal identifying data automatically, unless you submit them voluntarily and with full knowledge.

The given information with your free will, will be only used for the purpose you have given it and only within our company, our business branches or legal subjects connected with us. It will be used, when it is necessary, for our professional and legal aims and our business needs, to meet your requirements and/or your will and/or how it is required and allowed from the legislation and professional standards. Online Academy Company doesn’t sell or/and transfer identifying personal data to a third person without your previous approval.

Please notice that the web page of Online Academy could be connected to other web pages( to facilitate you access) which are held by third parties and are not regulated by this Privacy Policy declaration but from some other privacy declarations that could be different somehow. Your access with any of the third parties/web pages connected with our page is under your full responsibility (risk). Please notice that the Online Academy Company is not responsible for the content or/and the privacy policies or the reliability of other web pages.

Online Academy has approved relevant policies and procedures for personal data protection from unauthorized lost, miss usage or destruction. Despite our attempts security cannot be totally guaranteed. Personal information is only restricted for those that need to know it, while those that have access in your personal data are required to keep the confidentiality of such data. We, as well, try to save personal data as long as we need them or until a person requires the deletion of these data.

Online Academy can send e-mails in the e-mail address that you have given to us, to answer your requests or to provide information about our special offers or promotions that we believe are of your interest. Whenever you get this type of promotional e-mails you have the choice, if you wish, to leave from the list and you won’t take any more e-mails, following our instructions which will be send in your e-mail address from Online Academy.

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