Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Online Academy Shpk offers this web page with the only purpose being your education, pleasure, and information. We would like to encourage you to read our terms and conditions carefully before using this web page.

These terms and conditions are applicable for our web page Online Academy www.onlineacademy.al and may as well be applicable to other web pages promoted by our page. By using our page, you fully accept these terms and conditions. If you don’t agree with any rule or condition, you shouldn’t enter or use this web page.

Unless it is differently declared, we have authority over intellectual property and all the documents in it. None of the data or/and content can’t be reproduced or/and republished in any form unless you are free to download, present or print it only for personal usage and not commercial usage.

You mustn’t use this page in any form that brings damage to it in or in any form that is harmful, illegal or is a fraud.

Payment return policies

Online Academy follows these policies for reimbursement of payments made by its clients:

  • Full refund 100% when the course for major reasons is canceled by Online Academy. The amount returned is ensured to be what the client has sent covering the transaction costs.
  • Full refund 100% when the client informs his non-participation in the course more than 4 days from the date of its start (1).
  • Reimbursement in the amount of 80% when the client informs his non-participation up to 4 days before the start of the course (1).
  • Reimbursement in the amount of 50% in cases when the client has started the course and has completed less than half of the scheduled sessions (1).
  • In cases where the client has completed more than half of the scheduled sessions, Online Academy reserves the right to decide whether the client can be reimbursed for payments made (1).

Informative declaration

This web page may contain unintentional technical or informative mistakes, orthographic mistakes, or occasional mistakes. Despite our reasonable effort to ensure that every given information is reliable, accurate, and complete we do not take responsibility for any unintentional and random mistake. Whatever support you give to this information is your responsibility only.

We give information for clients, employers, contractors, existent and potential investors and for every visitor, with the purpose of informing them about our company’s activities. However, we don’t take responsibility for any decision these parties might take, that is based only on the information given by this page. Everyone, under their own responsibility, should make their own research and further investigations in order of making well informed decisions.

We have the right to make changes in the form, content, pages, documents, and any other information of this website, anytime, without a warning.

(1)The deposited amount is returned to the customer in the payment gateway which agrees with him, the transfer costs are covered by the amount to be reimbursed.

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